Interior Design

Interior Design Institute in Delhi For 3DS max, AutoCAD to Learn Diploma (6 Month), Master Diploma (One Year), B Voc (3 Year) In Interior Design. Join Design Master for Skill Development 100 % Job Oriented Certificate Program on Best Autocad Training Institute, 3ds Max Training Institute, Diploma in Interior Design designed as per Industrial Requirement.

Interior Design is the art and science of designing and decorating the interior spaces of buildings. It involves creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior environments by choosing and arranging furniture, lighting, colors, textures, and accessories. Interior Designers consider factors such as the layout of spaces, traffic flow, lighting, and ergonomics to create functional and comfortable environments.

Our interior design syllabus covers the following topics:

  • Design principles and elements: An overview of design principles, including balance, proportion, harmony, and scale.
  • Color theory: Understanding of color and its impact on interior spaces, including color wheel, color schemes, and color psychology.
  • Space planning: Techniques for planning and organizing interior spaces, including room layout, traffic flow, and furniture arrangement.
  • Materials and finishes: An overview of materials and finishes used in interior design, including wood, stone, tile, and upholstery.
  • Lighting: Understanding of lighting and its impact on interior spaces, including natural light, artificial light, and task lighting.
  • Textiles and accessories: An overview of textiles and accessories used in interior design, including fabrics, rugs, window treatments, and wall decor.
  • Furniture design: Understanding of furniture design, including styles, materials, and ergonomics.
  • Codes and standards: Knowledge of codes and standards, including building codes, accessibility codes, and safety codes.
  • Sustainability and green design: Understanding of sustainable design practices and the use of environmentally-friendly materials and methods.
  • Project management: Techniques for managing interior design projects, including budgeting, scheduling, and client communication.