Profitable Business Idea: In Today’s world everyone wants to earn more & become rich and one of the most estimated sectors that can make you rich is Agriculture. There are few crops or plants that are supremely profitable.

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One such plant is Sandalwood or Chandan- the most expensive Tree Plant.  It is known for its beautiful fragrance & its wood.  You can easily earn lakhs from the cultivation of this tree.

Earn Huge Profits from Sandalwood Cultivation 

Sandalwood’s cultivation profit to an investor is huge. Once the sandalwood tree is 8 years old, its heartwood starts to form & is ready to be harvested after 12 to 15 years from planting.  

When the tree becomes big, the farmer can easily cut 15-20 kg of wood from it every year. This wood is sold in the market for about 3-7 thousand rupees per kg which can even be as high as Rs 10000 per kg.  

As per IWST estimates, The Cost of Sandalwood Cultivation per hectare is around Rs 30 Lakh for the entire crop cycle (15 Years), but the returns vary from Rs 1.2 Crores to Rs 1.5 Crores.