The cow is equal to Fire as ‘She’ was born on account of Homa which is associated with Fire. Butter and ghee are loved by the gods when extracted from the cow’s milk using the wooden churning stick called ‘Kavvam’. Our culture suggests gifting away cows and gold during the religious rites like Yajna and Yaga besides the rituals to propitiate our ancestors.

1. Mata or Biological Mother – The mother who gave birth to us; 2. Mother Cow – Cow. 3. Bhoo Mata Bhudevi (Earth) 4. Sri Mata – Goddess Mother Goddess Mother, the deity in the Temples, presents ‘Herself’ in our midst in the above four forms to protect us by removing our difficulties and sufferings. There are 33 crore deities in the Gomata or Cow Mother.2. If we circle the cow, it is equal to circumnavigating 33 Crore Gods in addition to our godly ancestors.3. Feeding grass to a cow is like actually making an offering to the most supreme god or goddess.4. Worshiping a cow is like worshiping a goddess.

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