“VF100X” is an advanced AI-based face and finger attendance system for smarter offices. Utilize the latest technology to monitor and track attendance with ease. No more manual paperwork, no more hassle! Try VF100X now and take attendance tracking to the next level.

Specification of VF100X:

👉User Capacity: Standard 300 Face (1:N) & 1000 Finger Users Capacity

👉Speed: Less than 0.3 Second

👉Lighting Compatible: 0.1 Lux ~ 10,000 Lux

👉Record Capacity: 150,000

👉Working Distance: 0.3 – 2 Meter

👉Authentication: Face, Finger +Face, Finger/Face, ID +Pin

👉Operating System: Linux

📳Know more information: https://faceitsystems.com/product/vf100x-ai-based-face-finger-attendance-systems-for-office/

📳Quick inquiry: https://forms.gle/E6hFTPYetP3zz9RU9

📳Call/WhatsApp: +91 990399 2334 / 7550 670 670

📳Email: dealersales@faceitsystems.com